Use CODE "TUTI2020" to avail 10% off on your 1st order
Use CODE "TUTI2020" to avail 10% off on your 1st order
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About Us

Tuti has been created entirely for the new born child and her or his excited parents. The collections range from 0-1 years and cover both boys & girls. 

Our purpose is simple.

We want to take the stress of baby clothes shopping for your newly born child or children away from you. You have an additional member (or members) in the family - so this is something that we don't want you to worry about. 

How do we want to do that ?

By giving you pure cotton products that are skin friendly, simple and elegantly designed with funny, educative and 'happy' prints (or plain).

Our sole intention being the comfort of your little one in this new world :)

All our products come under value guarantee.

If you have a problem or face any issue with your product or if it was not worth it please contact us immediately for a full refund.

What would make us genuinely happy, is seeing or hearing your children smile when they wear Tuti® - So if you happen to love it on your child, please email us, we will post them over our social media profiles!